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BNC/RPBNC Connector
The Bayonet-Neil-Concelman, or BNC connector derives its name from the  
surnames of the type N inventor Paul Neil and type C inventor Carl
Concelman- the “bayonet” refers to the style of locking mechanism
employed by this series. Developed in the late 1940s, the BNC is basically
a scaled down ersion of the Type C, and its compact design, easy quick
connect/disconnect coupling and economical manufacturing cost have all
helped to ensure that it is consistentlya pllied in radio equipment and 
electron tube instrument field and join the coaxial cable of the radio 
frequency extensively.
The BNC series from Cmpter Electronics is available in both 50Ω versions
that are optimized for use up to 4 GHz and 75 Ω versions for applications in the 2 GHz range.
 BNC Connector Features & Benefits
   Bayonet coupling mechanism provides quick mating and unmating
  50 Ω and 75 Ω impedance designs allow customers to match impedance to system requirements
  50 Ω and 75 Ω connectors are intermateable to ensure non-destructive mating
  Three grades of connectors are available for military, industrial and commercial applications
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Series: BNC                      Impedance: 50Ω    
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