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SMP Connector

Low frequency SMP connectors up to 8GHz from Cmpter and that is blind   
mate type. The biggest advantages of low frequency SMP connector is the
the cost effective,because most customer not need 40GHz SMP connector,
if they take this one, Cost savings can range from 60% to 85% when
compared to standard SMP connectors. 
Cmpter's low frequency SMP connectors are typically attached to cables 
assemblies using RG178, RG316,RG405, and semi-rigid cables. And utilize 
Becu at critical contact, brass used in other parts area, they also get 
excellent VSWR performance and matching characteristics.
The new low frequency SMP connectors from Cmpter are available now. You can browse all the versions and 
specifications on Cmpter’s website or by email contact us for details.
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Series: SMP                      Impedance: 50Ω    
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