2.92mm Straight Female Connectors, PCB Mount Test Method

96-02-5M2-037 type 2.92mm female PCB mount connector from CMPTER design is 50Ohm, DC to 40GHz, VSWR1.15, and this type connector body material is brass gold plated because its easy to sold on PCB board. Inner pin contact use Beryllium Copper Alloy material for protecting the Durabillity.

96-02-5M2-037 connector we provide three type size for select: A, B, C, that will be more convenience application on board.
For insure the performance, we take the method like Back-to-Back testing shows data for one connector and for one test parts we produce for this connector each size PN. Any internal mismatches within the connector will phase together when tested up to 40GHz. Taking the square root of the peak VSWR will provide the value for the connector and the test part, test method as follow:

Via above test photo we will find the test way similar to back-to-back, but have a little different, use our another 2.92mm 2hole PCB mount female connector test by back-to-back as a sample, photo as follow:

But any way, we get the test result from the above method as follow:

So the connector VSWR is via square root of the peak get VSWR 1.08