SMA Male to SMA Waterproof Bulkhead Female RG316 Cable Assembly, 50cm

PN: CA316-SMAM-SMAFBW-50cm-388
Series: SMA Male to SMA waterproof Bulkhead Female for RG316 cable
RoHS: Compliant

Technical Data
Impedance: 50Ohm
Frequency Range: ~ 3 GHz
Withstanding Voltage: ≥335 V
Temperature Range: -55 °C ~ +125 °C
Weight: 17g
Durability (Matings): SMA Male >500
SMA Bulkhead Female >500
Material Data
Connector 1: SMA male Crimp for LMR100/RG174/RG316 Cable,  [P/N: 60-03-1M00-003]
Piece Part Base Material Plating
Center Contact: Brass Gold-plated (Nickel underplated)
Body: Brass Gold-plated (Nickel underplated)
Coulping Nut: Brass Gold-plated (Nickel underplated)
Insulator: PTFE  

Connector 2: SMA Straight Waterproof Bulkhead Female Crimp for LMR100/RG174/RG316 Cable [P/N: 60-02-1B00-020]
Piece Part Base Material Plating
Center Contact: Beryllium Copper Alloy Gold-plated (Nickel underplated)
Body: Brass  Gold-plated (Nickel underplated)
Fastening Nut: Brass  Gold-plated (Nickel underplated)
Insulator: PTFE  

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